Pianococktail, Piano Massage, the Pianomatograph, the Piano Ride, Piano Minor….Our metamorphosed pianos have found their home!

Far from being a static exhibition, La Volière is a remarkable sound experience, and an alternative way of discovering the piano.

Welcome to our universe, one which is quite the opposite of the instrument’s classical image. Our pianists invite the spectators to take their pick between a carousel, a cocktail, a cinematic concert, or even a massage. Piano Minor offers little fingers the opportunity to become familiar with the instrument. And if that encourages young ones to take up the piano then all the better!

Our friends the event organisers ! The Piano Machine Village can be programmed in its entirety or just with single elements, catering to your specific needs.


A harmonious creation with taste

Born from the ingenious mind of Joris-Karl Huismans’ novel «Against the Grain» ( «A rebours» ) with his mouth organ, and that of Boris Vian’s classic «Froth on a Daydream» («L’Ecume des Jours»), the Piano Cocktail is first and foremost a literary invention. Although it could have just been left as another grand idea, testimony to the mischievous nature of its creators, Voel Martin and Aurélie Richer had the brilliant audacity to bring it to life.

Both concert and piano bar, this surprising piano enables one to prepare a cocktail by playing a tune. Each note is linked directly to a vial filled with the drink of choice and the pressure on the piano key delivers a drop of each associated drink. Composed of freshly squeezed juices and/ or alcoholic beverages chosen by the public, the concoction is directly prepared by the pianist for all to see.


Guaranteed stress free piano

People have been dreaming about this for a long time! Sit back and relax with this soothing piano directly connected to a massage chair.

Each note vibrates a sensitive spot; the relation between body and music is translated in to a physical sensation. Let yourself go in the gentle hands of our pianist and experience the musical vibrations.

Construction : David Gueyraud


A suspended carousel for both big and little dreamers

The Piano Ride is a suspended installation, both dreamy and musical. Perched up high, the piano activates a variety of cradles inspired by instruments : a tuba, a tenor horn, a trumpet, a mini piano.

Members of the public are invited to take a seat and let themselves be gently rocked by the poetic voyage. The Piano Ride, powered by human strength and live music, rekindles the tradition of the street fair of bygone ages.

« This installation takes us on a poetic and dreamlike tour which easily lets us be carried away . Its enough to see the pleasure on children’s faces after a long wait in a queue – a magnificent ride ». La Revue du Spectacle, 2017.

Construction: Voel / Niek Moij / Romain Giard / Jean-Michel Pillone / René Dupré / Aurélie Richer / Pierre Mermet



Pocket-sized cinematic concert

This oeuvre is a direct descendant from the original Light Brothers’ (Frères Lumières) concept, with a cinema screen hidden under the piano. The Pianomatograph invites you to re(discover) the silent films from this era. Truthful to the tradition of cinema without words, the live pianist accompanies the projection. Positioned under the piano’s soundboard, the spectators ears are surrounded by the strains of the piano...



Pianos in tune with children

Awakening our senses occurs when we touch, strike, ring or play - or all at the same time!! Exclusively for children, the «Minor Pianos» are mini pianos just for children to play – and climb, jump, paint and draw upon! Each piano is perfect for little fingers to discover. A grand piano placed at ground level, lets the family join in and then the whole orchestra begins to play!

A participatory sound creation for the little ones to express themselves with joy and without limits !

- All the transformed pianos are Voel's creations -

The Piano Machine Village can be programmed in its entirety

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